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The Villa


The features of this property have such a value that they require sophisticated furniture in order to create environments that express personality and uniqueness: a style appropriate to the refined architectural lines of the villa.

Guests can experience the taste and pleasure of an atmosphere that is elegant and familiar at the same time, and which approaches and welcomes the guest without inhibiting it with cold formality. In the Relais, Bruno and Chiara’s desire is to to offer a special environment that is as elegant and refined as it is pleasant and suited for a stay of relaxation and well-being.

Visit the site of Villa Bonini and discover all the renovated common areas of the beautiful relais in Tuscany. Contact Us!
The park surrounding the historical building Villa Bonini, now a luxury hotel

The Park

Guests will also enjoy the beauty of the garden, which is home to centuries-old plants that recall the atmosphere of the 18th century, a time when the music of Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi was surrounding the park and the guests of the Villa.

The spaces inside the gardens are designed for those who want to enjoy moments of tranquility as couples as well as families who want to relax while children play safely.

The beauty of the environments

Our Rooms are equipped with high quality furniture, made and chosen to create a suitable ambience for a prestigious villa, giving an elegant and sophisticated feel at the same time thanks to a mix of colors, sensations and aromas that help guests relaxing and planning tours around with the desire to return.

Our breakfast room makes our guests smile and boosts their enthusiasm helping them to face a new intense day. It is characterized by a sophisticated environment that satisfies the gaze of those who enter the room and the taste of those who want to prepare for an intense day, that they can spend in one of the wonderful places that are easy to reach from Villa Bonini.

The Villa is also equipped with a fireplace room and a reading room, suggestive and welcoming ambiences for everyone who wants to relax and think about the next tour among the Villa’s surroundings.

Visit the site of Villa Bonini and discover all the renovated common areas of the beautiful relais in Tuscany. Contact Us!
illa Bonini has a long history that pervades the entire building. Book now and discover it!


The villa (already belonged to the Farsetti noble family of Massa) is sold by Claudio Malaspina, Marquis of Pontebosio (Licciana Nardi), to the musician Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi in 1772.

The Villa had a personal chapel in which there was a fresco depicting the Orthodox Jesus and the Maddalena of which some traces are seen today. The villa is then sold through various passages to the Dramis family, whose heirs, the Giaccai, will remain owners until the early 1980s.

Amedeo Bonini, a entrepreneur of Massa, acquires the property in the 80s by giving her to Anna; the renovation work begins, bringing the villa back to its old glory and making all its environments beautiful again.

Bonini’s work has been restructured over time, with particular attention to the choice of valuable materials and finishes that could enhance and embellish the home and give the feel of the past as much as possible.

The style of the Villa, with its large communal areas and dedicated rooms, gave to Bruno and his wife Chiara the inspiration and the chance to create a Relais where guests could enjoy refined environments and a familiar ambience at the same time without sacrificing luxury and elegance.